About Us

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is an organisation led by a group of people who have a direct interest in prostate cancer. It includes osme of Soith Africa's top medical specialists who diagnose, treat and research prostate cancer on a daily basis. It also includes members from pharmaceutical and medical companies who provide the treatments for prostate cancer and who help fund the foundation's costs and projects and volunteer theor time to help us to implement our programmes.

The Foundation also provides a forum for men and their families whose lives have been affected by prostate cancer. Some are involved in assisting others who have recently been diagnosed, some have been willing to share their story on our website and some have provided donations.

It is estimated that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Prostate Cancer is the leading cancer in males and more than 4000 men are diagnosed yearly with prostate cancer in South Africa. One of the contributing factors to these alarming figures is that many men are unaware of the risks they face with regards to this disease and that many are currently diagnosed with advanced stages of the disease. These realities and statistics are directly related to awareness and education programs available to the public at large.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa is dedicated to the fight against prostate cancer and to the promotion of prostate health and prostate cancer awareness concentrating on the following focus areas:

  • To promote awareness of prostate cancer by raising community awareness of the disease resulting in the early detection and more effective treatment
  • To promote the continuing education of health care professionals about prostate cancer
  • To assist in the formation of prostate cancer support & advocacy groups by providing information, support and counseling to those affected by prostate cancer
  • To facilitate and enhance & support prostate cancer research dedicated to improving treatment and to finding a cure for prostate cancer.

It is the intention to reach out and to attract corporate business, the pharmaceutical industry, interested urologists, oncologists, radiotherapists, allied medical associations as well as prominent figures in the community to be part of the foundation in varying capacities. This will ensure both intellectual and financial support from a diverse population to further the aims and ideals of the Prostate Foundation.

These aims and objectives would be achieved by the facilitation and co-operation amongst all stakeholders be they medical fraternity, corporate business or the general public.